September 27, 2016

Hackers Get Up Close and Personal With WH Staffer’s Email

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Federal authorities last week launched a probe of a suspected cyberattack that targeted the private Gmail account of a White House staffer. The employee’s correspondence turned up on the DCleaks hacktivist site, which earlier this month posted the private emails of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The latest dump involves the private account of White House staffer Ian Mellul, whose emails were published with the claim that they represented just part of a trove of correspondence from February 2015 through June of this year.

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Project Shield Has Krebs on Security’s Back

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The website of prominent security blogger Brian Krebs is back online this week after sustaining one of the largest distributed denial of service attacks in Internet history. DDoS attacks typically disrupt service at a website by flooding it with junk traffic. In this case, garbage traffic assaulted Krebs’ site at 620 gigabits per second. By comparison, consumer bandwidth is in the 10-15 megabit per second range; businesses, 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The attack may have been even larger than reported so far, maintained Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare.

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September 24, 2016

Gadget Ogling: Driving Partner, Hydration Station, and Flying Grabbers

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After a bad experience when I was first behind the wheel as a teenager, I’m only just now learning to drive, more than a decade later. My partner and I are going through the school together, and when asked about our dream vehicles in class, she replied that she’d love a self-driving RV. Her wish eventually might turn true with a device that grants vehicles more autonomy. It isn’t a device that will give a car full self-driving powers — you’d need to add sensors everywhere, for starters — nor does it work with every model.

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September 23, 2016

Social Networks Prep for Key Role in Presidential Debates

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The Commission on Presidential Debates, which has run them since 1988, last week announced initiatives with social media, academics, and media organizations to engage the American public in substantive conversations before, during and after this year’s debates. The first debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is scheduled for Monday at Hofstra University in New York. A single vice presidential debate, between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, is set for Oct. 4.

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Congratulations to Joyce Honda for providing New Jersey with 40 years of Outstanding Service

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/1888PressRelease/ Joyce Honda is your source for the best new Honda models at competitive prices! View our enormous inventory of new Hondas, including the Accord Coupe, Accord Hybrid, Accord Sedan, CR-V, CR-Z, Civic Coupe, Civic Hybrid, Civic Sedan, Crosstour, Fit, HR-V, Insight, Odyssey, and the Pilot. If you do not see the car you want, we will locate it for you – just fill out our easy car finder form.

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Flight of the Gibbons, Fight Against Illegal Deforestation Continues

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/1888PressRelease/ Flight of the Gibbon has successfully completed yet another two Tree Planting events with a further 14,000 Tree’s begin planted near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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September 22, 2016

Opera’s Free VPN Takes On Internet Privacy Challenge

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Opera earlier this week released a new version of its browser, Opera 40, which comes with a free virtual private network service built in. The official rollout follows five months of user experimentation with a beta version. The company evaluated beta users’ feedback and subsequently brought on additional servers, added options for global or private browsing, and created versions that would run on iOS and Android. The VPN creates a secure connection to one of Opera’s five servers around the world, letting users spoof their IP address.

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GoPro Karma Lets New Hero5s Fly High

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Pro earlier this week refreshed its product line, announcing two new action cameras, a cloud service and a drone. Its new Hero5 Black camera can capture 4K video at 30 frames a second and still photos at 12 megapixels, with RAW and WDR support. It has a 2-inch touch display, and stereo sound recording with advanced wind noise reduction. It can be voice-controlled in seven languages. The shooter will be available Oct. 2. Unlike prior models, the Hero5 Black is waterproof to 33 feet without the need for a separate housing.

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September 21, 2016

The Internet’s Shameful Role in Propagating Body Shaming

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A problem once associated mainly with school playgrounds often follows people into adulthood, and the anonymity of the Internet has aided its proliferation. People have been shamed for being overweight, underweight, too conservative, too revealing, too young, too old, too plastic or too real. Bullying and harassment are very real problems not only for children, but also for countless adults. Body shaming and other forms of online abuse are destroying lives emotionally, physically and financially.

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September 20, 2016

DoT Refreshes Rule Book to Include Self-Driving Cars

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on Tuesday introduced new federal guidelines for the emerging highly automated vehicle industry — including self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles — creating a framework that will help drive one of the most important new sectors in the national economy. Foxx, joined by Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, outlined the framework that will form new federal regulations to govern how the self-driving industry goes forward.

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